Academic excellence is a sub-set of education. Information, knowledge, skills and attitudes & values, all together constitute holistic education.

Govt. Middle School - 46D is a schools in Chandigarh, where deploys the good 'holistic education' practices. Supported by a well equipped infrastructure, it provides a high quality academic program, in addition to opportunities of holistic development. Students grow up rooted in Indian culture and prepare to pursue in a Bright future.

Principal Desk:

Mr. Ram Singh Sandhu has been working efficiently for the progress and upliftment of the school since he joined in 16 October, 2009.Having a qualification with M. A. in Political Science M.Ed. ,he has been trying with utmost sincerity to give a new shape and direction to the school. 

His untiring efforts and devotion have been acknowledged from time to time. 
It was just because of his energetic moves and guidance that the Best School Award in Total Sanitation was achieved in 2011.


Yoga Trainers:

1. AJIT SINGH              9814711221
2. SUNILA NIRMAL      9814008434